The Best Way to Wash Your Hair

The Best Way to Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair might seem like a mundane experience. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. You have been washing your hair the same way for years. You might be surprised to learn you may not actually be caring for your hair the best way. The correct techniques to rejuvenate your hair can restore health, bounce, and shine. There is a chance you could be damaging your lovely tresses if you are not particular of how you clean your hair. The following tips can enhance the time you spend caring for your beautiful locks.

Rinse First

Hair needs to be thoroughly wet before you start to use a natural shampoo or product like shikakai. The cuticles are opened up by hot water to ensure dirt or any product that has built up is removed. As hair is rinsed with warm water, oils through your scalp are loosened. Because the cuticles are open, they are able to absorb the oil from your natural conditioner.

Condition Before You Shampoo

It might surprise you to hear that you need to use a natural conditioner before shampoo, but if you have long hair beneath the shoulders, this is exactly what you should do. Run a small amount of conditioner through the ends to ensure they do not dry out and have further damage. Lightly rinse before using a shampoo that does not have sulfates in it. Holes in the cuticle are filled with moisture making your tresses smoother and shinier.

Scalp Lathering

Only the hair at the scalp needs to be shampooed, especially the nape. To better lather up, start at the roots and work towards the ends. Hair closest to the scalp is actually the youngest and will be the oiliest. The ends have the oldest, driest hair and are the most fragile part. Be sure to only use a quarter-sized amount of soap nut shampoo. If your hair is particularly thick or long, double that amount.

Be Gentle

Be mindful of how you wash your hair. Friction can actually damage your hair cuticles permanently causing breakage and frizz. Begin by lathering at the roots to increase blood flow in your scalp. Hair growth is stimulated when you use vertical strokes combined with medium pressure. Do not use circular motions as they can tangle your hair. Use a straight stroking motion to smooth the lather over the ends. Do not use a back and forth motion or scrub your brittle ends.

Once is Enough

Do not rinse and repeat. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wash your hair twice. Only shampoo your hair once to avoid stripping your hair of the natural oils it possesses. Only shampoo a second time if your hair is extremely dirty and a lather does not produce.

Condition from the Mid-Lengths to the Ends

Rinse out your natural shampoo and squeeze some of the water out of your hair before you begin to use your natural conditioner. Clip your hair up and finish showering. The conditioner rinse is the final step in caring for your tresses. The longer conditioner stays in, the better it is absorbed. The natural oils at your scalp is more concentrated, therefore your roots do not need conditioner on them.

Cold Water Rinse

Cold water is able to shut the cuticle tight which seals the outer layer producing a magnificent shine all day long.

Hair Washing Advice

Different types of hair need specific vitamins and nutrients to flourish. Natural shampoos contain essential oils to ensure your locks grow to their full potential. For oily hair, peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus oil are natural ingredients to regulate scalp oil production. Organic ingredients used for normal hair types include aloe vera oil and shikakai. Rosemary, peppermint, cypress, and thyme are essential oils used to treat dry hair. Damaged hair natural products include lemon, chamomile, and marshmallow root extracts.

How often you wash your hair also depends on what type of hair you have. Oily hair does not need to be washed daily as this is the exact cause for producing more sebum. Wash your hair less frequently by starting to care for your hair every 2 days. Natural products such as shikakai clean your hair without degreasing it of sebum and in time, your scalp will produce less sebum. Normal hair should be washed 1-2 times per week. Straight hair can even be washed once per every 2 weeks. Curly hair needs to be refreshed more often if you want gorgeous curls, shiny and smooth.

The importance of using clean water for your hair cannot be emphasized enough. Hard water is not good for your hair and can cause more damage. If you are able to invest in a water filter that removes rust and minerals that dull your hair color, go ahead and do so. Your tresses will have a vibrant glow to them.

Now you know the best way to care for your gorgeous locks to ensure they are healthy and nourished through a natural hair washing experience. What are you waiting for? Start washing your amazing tresses the correct way.

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