The Bouffant Bun

The Bouffant Bun

Effortless style can be yours as you don the bouffant bun for an ultra-chic look. Buns have been trending lately and this one in particular has the ability to be worn throughout the week for several occasions. This is a hairstyle for all seasons during the year.

The tools needed to create this up-do are bobby pins, a hair tie, a hair comb, and natural hairspray. The steps listed below will guide you to creating an amazing bouffant bun.

  1. Make sure your hair has not been washed for a day or two to achieve extra hold. Start by placing a finger by your ear and then drawing a straight vertical line that stretches from one ear to the other. Section off the front of your hair and clip it up for later. Pull the rest of your hair high atop your head into a ponytail with a hair tie. With the ponytail in one hand and another hair tie in the other, pull your hair almost all the way through the hair tie. The last few inches need to be left out as you twist the hair tie to create a big loop of hair.
  2. Grab the middle of the big loop of hair with your fingers through the ponytail. Next, pull the hair tie half over the smashed bun of hair. Twist once more and pull the hair tie to the other side. A messy knot of hair needs to be secured. Use bobby pins to hold the sides in place.
  3. Then, pull the front of your hair down and split it in half. Next, split the two halves in half to make four quarters. Gently comb one of the bottom quarters to smooth it out. Wrap the bottom quarter under and up over the bun, using bobby pins to secure it. Repeat this step with the other bottom quarter.
  4. Now, take one of the top quarters and smooth it diagonally over your head opposite of your bun. Be sure to go around, come back up, and go around again. Bobby pins can be used to hold your tresses in place. Repeat this step with the other top quarter.
  5. Fluff out the top of your bun quite a bit and use natural hairspray for a firm hold. Use a two-way mirror to check for fly-aways and to secure your separated sections for a structured look.

The Bouffant Bun

Now, here comes the essential part of styling your clothes to match this distinct bouffant bun. For such a notable up-do, a maxi or cocktail dress would pair well. Palazzo pants with a tunic are a wonderful clothing choice to wear with this hairstyle. Casual dresses as well as jeans and knit top match this versatile hairdo. This bun has the ability to go with various types of clothes.

For a chic and sophisticated dinner at an elegant restaurant, wear this up-do to exude a tasteful touch of class. As you attend various events such as weddings, anniversary parties, or rooftop dining, this marvelous hairstyle will stand out in a crowd. Another place to wear this bun is to outdoor gatherings. You can even wear this hairdo to the workplace.

The diversity of the bouffant bun is unique and has the ability to be worn at many different places. Over time, this up-do may just become your favorite hairstyle the more you don this distinct look.

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