The Relationship Between Sleep and Healthy Hair Growth

The Relationship Between Sleep and Healthy Hair Growth

Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep or are sleep deprived are more prone to having hair problems than those who sleep for the right amounts of time.

Consistent sleep patterns and deep sleep help maintain the body’s natural cortisol and melatonin levels, which work to promote overall wellness. When cortisol and melatonin levels are not maintained, the body is more prone to catching serious or chronic illnesses. And without optimal health, your hair will suffer.

Sleep, which does wonders to the skin, also helps in the aid of all things hair. While you sleep, growth hormones are secreted, and muscles and body tissues are repaired, among other things. Sleep is a restorative process.

The first of many things that can happen when you are stressed out is that your sleeping will become affected. You sleep less or you don’t sleep at all. You may develop insomnia. Stress will cause hormonal imbalances in the body. And when this happens, your hair may suffer. You may undergo hair damage. Your hair growth may get stunted. Your hair may even become brittle and dry.

Too much or too little sleep can cause hair loss. A lack of it can weaken the immune system and produce hair breakage. You need to get to that level of sleep that you are most comfortable with and which will not interfere with the daily functions of your life. That’s because sleep allows the body to refuel and relax, which in turn promotes good hair health. So before you stop doing your hair rinses, before you stop eating right, before you stop exercising, consider if your sleep patterns are erratic or being affected in a way that is inhibiting your hair health.

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