Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hair Style For Your Face

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hair Style For Your Face

Straight, curly, long, short, layered or wild and crazy, there are many options available when it comes to the hair style you decide to go with. That is the beauty of hair styles – there are so many options to choose from and the same exact style can look completely different when used by women with different face structures. Most women tend to see hair styles as a big deal and the struggle is to find the best look for their face shape. Some women can end up spending hours each and every day poring over photos, ideas, and tests to see what will give them the best finished look and what will make the most impact for them style wise. What the vast majority of women who have longer hair don’t know is that getting a look that fits them, their face, their body type, and their personality can be as easy as simply changing one little thing – their hair part.

What is the Big Deal About a Part?
As small and insignificant as the part of your hair may seem,it can in fact do wonders for your overall look and something as simple as changing the way you part your hair can completely change your style. A well-placed hair part can be a real game changer because it can help to highlight the facial features you like, while at the same time discreetly hide the less than flattering ones. A part is also one of the easiest yet most effective ways of changing your look without spending a lot of time and money on things – a great option for busy gals on the go who do not have a lot of time to worry about their hair!

Figuring out which part is the perfect part can be tough when you have longer hair but here are some tips to keep no mind that can help, no matter what your face shape may be:

For Heart-Shaped Faces
These are an interesting face shape to begin with, which brings unique challenges when it comes to finding the right hair style. Heart-shaped faces have a bold and prominent showing at the top, chubby wider cheeks and a hairline that gives the name sake heart – like curves to the person’s forehead. For these faces, a middle part is often the best option – it balances the face and helps keep things symmetric, which is often best for heart faces. Middle parts are best used with longer hair; if you have short hair or layered hair, a part that is slightly off to the side may be best for you.

For Round and Square Faces
Round and square-shaped faces tend to look very wide because they are shorter top to bottom, which makes them look a bit thicker. A deep side part is often just what is needed in order to slim down and soften the features by adding the appearance of length to the face. This counters the wide appearance. If you know which side of your face is the best looking make sure that the hair is brushed or comb over to the other side. If you do not know what side you should use simple trial and error is probably the best way to find the side to part on. When the time comes to make the part, it’s best to start the part right above the arch of that side’s eyebrow and brush everything over to the other side from there.

For Long or Oval Faces
The third most common type of face is the long face or oval shaped face. Long or oval faces are one of the easiest faces to choose a hair style for because they are versatile and can wear pretty much any part and still look great. A side part looks good because it helps give you a more flattering look since it helps soften the length of the face. A normal part down the middle helps create a symmetrical look that can frame the face and help add little width to thin and narrow faces.

Tips For Hair Styles

  • When creating a new part, make sure it is on wet hair so it stays in place better
  • Hair looks best freshly washed, so try to wash your hair before styling
  • Long hair looks great with accessories like bobby pins and barrettes for styling touches
  • Long hair is also great as you can try different braids to achieve different looks

There is no need to spend lots of time and money to change your look, all you need is a good wood comb and the right know-how to put your part in the perfect place. It really can be simple as that and you have little to lose and much to gain!

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