Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

For those of you with longer hair, the waterfall braid is an excellent hairstyle to display your long, thick tresses. Variations of the simple braid are being spoted everywhere. If you desire to uniquely style your locks, try this distinct hairdo. Learn how to create a waterfall braid by reading the following steps.

First, section your hair into two asymmetrical parts. Begin to braid the temple hair from the right. As you continue to braid your hair, be sure all of the hair is pushed to the right side of your head to ensure a side braid is created. Pull the hair from the other side of your head to the right and continue to braid your hair. Strands of your hair can be loosened throughout the braid for a voluminous look. As you complete this hairstyle, the braid will remain on the right side of your head. A waterfall effect is created through this unique braid.

Waterfall Braid

Cooler temperatures allow you to wear wonderful clothing styles with this hairdo. Pair this braid with a tunic top and leggings. A nice pair of boots will complete this look. A long-sleeve dress matches this unique hairstyle. Casual outfits also go well with the waterfall braid.

There are many places you can wear this distinct hairdo to. A lunch gathering with your friends is an excellent place to showcase your long tresses in a braid. Outdoor events such as concerts or picnics allow you to do a waterfall braid. Wear this hairdo to work to jazz up your style.

The waterfall braid has a sense of adventurous style to it. Confidently wear this hairstyle throughout the week to convey a unique, modern version of the braid and highlight your long, beautiful locks.

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