What Meditation Can Do for Your Hair Growth

What Meditation Can Do for Your Hair Growth

Hair normally grows at around a quarter to a half an inch every month. Of course, we now know that we can increase the growth rate of hair with the right treatments—the right natural treatments that don’t leave you with nasty side effects. If you have limp, dry or frizzy hair, you can improve its thickness, its healthiness, its overall appearance by eating the right foods, by using natural cleansers on the scalp, by massaging essential oils on the hair, and by using natural herbs or oils to make hair masks. But there is more.

Meditation provides wonders for hair growth. As you meditate, the mind is focused on a certain part of the body, and blood flow increases to that part. As we know by now, increase of blood flow to scalp stimulates hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy. In addition to helping the hair, meditation has been known to strengthen the heart, reduce high blood pressure and stress.
It is that reduction of stress and an overwhelming sensation of calmness during meditation that helps to foster new hair growth. We all need to reduce our stress levels even if we are not actively seeking healthy hair. With stress, we don’t sleep well. But it’s during stress when we also eat badly, and there’s more of a tendency to foster unhealthy habits such as drinking too much alcohol, or smoking cigarettes. These things can affect the health of your skin and nails. And as for hair, well, stress can contribute to hair loss.

Where does stress come from? It can be the result of a lifestyle change or due to hormonal fluctuations such as medications or diet. Stress decreases hair growth and enters a shedding phase that won’t be repaired until you improve the health of the mind and the health of the body. We can only hope that once we address stress and make attempts to get rid of it by meditation, acupuncture, or yoga exercises, among other things, physiological balance will be restored and our hair will grow back.

But the road to beautiful hair and to a healthy scalp doesn’t stop to meditation. You have to center yourself and remain calm and be happy even if there are parts of life—or people—that are bringing you down. You need, above all, to banish stress and anxiety from your mind as much as you can. It’s been a proven fact that hair loss, hair thinning and hair drying is the direct result of stress in your life. If stress is not managed, you will see it in your hair, and you will not like what you see. And you have to like what you see if you want healthy hair. You have to stay positive. You have to have a love affair with your hair. Add in the love, and you will regenerate hair. Love your hair, affirm it by saying it out loud many times throughout the day until it becomes a mantra that you live by, and the result is that your hair will love you back and also give back: it will indeed become healthier, fuller, sensual.

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