Why are Sprouts Super Foods for Hair?

Why are Sprouts Super Foods for Hair?

As a healthy lifestyle becomes more popular throughout the years, super foods have risen to the ranks of powerhouse nutrients. People have flocked to the new health food way of life and are finding creative ways to enjoy super foods.

Believed to be the miracle food, sprouts are alkaline, whole, pure, and natural. Having sprouts in your diet can definitely replace the vitamins and supplements you take.

If you desire to eat food for long-term health, wellness and gorgeous hair, sprouts are the exact food you are looking for. Sprouts prevent different types of diseases, and other ailments that can occur over a lifespan. They prevent hair loss, hair thinning, gray hair, etc. A seed that is sprouted has a naturally increased digestibility and more nutrients compared to a seed that is not sprouted. Sprouts form an essential part of your daily diet and provide you with important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for your hair and body.

The Nutritional Benefits of Super Sprouts

The International Specialty Supply (ISS) in the United States of America frequently supplies sprouts to various countries. The detailed analysis of the nutrient changes which occur throughout the sprouting process are available through the ISS. As seeds sprout large increase in nutrients takes place. Vitamins, minerals, and protein increase tremendously while there is a simultaneous decrease in the content of calories and carbohydrates.

When seeds are converted into sprouts, the water content increases tenfold. According to the ISS, sprouted green gram, known as mung beans, has an 8.3 percent increase in water content compared to dried beans. The changes in the nutritional value of a dried bean compared to a sprouted mung bean are significant.

One of the most significant increases that need to be recognized is the availability of protein. The increase in protein is a valuable indicator of how nutritionally enhanced the value of the sprouted food is. Noting the reduction in the carbohydrate content shows that molecules are being broken down during the sprouting process. Due to the decrease of carbohydrate content, the absorption of atmospheric nitrogen and reformation of amino acids can occur during the sprouting process.

When grains and legumes are consumed on their own, they are not a considerable source of Vitamin C. If grains and legumes are sprouted, they actually have a significant quantity of Vitamin C. It is during the growing process that the increase of Vitamin C takes place.

Sprouts are food supplied in a predigested form which means they are food that has already been broken down by enzymes and simplified. Throughout the sprouting process, the starch is broken down into glucose and sucrose, simple sugars. It is also during the sprouting process that proteins are turned into amino acids and amides. Another occurrence is the turning of fats and oils into fatty acids by the process of enzyme lipase. When the sprouting process is occurring, the gas producing quality is reduced in the beans. Gas formation is mainly caused by oligosaccharides and is reduced as the sprouting process begins. Oligosaccharides are actually reduced by 90 percent. To establish a healthy digestive system, the content of fiber and water increases significantly.

Another component of sprouts that makes it a super food is the high amount of chlorophyll which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. If losing weight is one of your goals, sprouts are an excellent food that will help you in your journey to eating healthier. Sprouts are known to lessen your appetite and prevent over-eating.

The high volume of protein, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that can be obtained through eating sprouts only solidifies its belonging in the super foods group. Another appeal of sprouts is how inexpensive they are. You can even grow sprouts from your home. Sprouts provide you with an all around healthy, nutritional source of food.

Eating Sprouts

There are many different ways of eating sprouts. The healthiest way to eat sprouts is raw in salads, in hummus for dips, added to nut yoghurts, etc. Growing and eating sprouts is an activity you can do easily at home.

The nutritional value of sprouts establish them as super foods and allow you to live a healthy, long life and enjoy your beautiful, long hair too. Adding sprouts to your healthy lifestyle ensures you are receiving the minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes you need to maintain your healthy way of living, therefore your healthy hair.

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