Why Is Slow Juicing Good For You and Your Hair?

Why Is Slow Juicing Good For You and Your Hair?

You may have heard about the trend of juicing for health and an easier way to get a power punch of vitamins and nutrients in your diet. This is far from a new trend. But what is new is an improved method for juicing that yields more juice, better quality juice, more nutrients, and easier absorption by the body. It is called slow juicing. Here are the reasons why slow juicing is so healthy for you in comparison to tradition fast process juicing:

#1. More Juice
With slow juicing you can get as much as 35% more juice when you do slow juice using a compression method of juice extraction. You are able to get more juice out of the fruit or vegetable because every cell is slowly squeezed to extract the juices rather than simply having it spun-out as what happens with a blade and spinner juicing machines.

#2. Natural Vitamins
When you extract juice with a slow compression it is done at a cool temperature. This preserves more of the healthy and nutritious aspects of the juice. Heat and friction kills vitamins and nutrients. Contrast this with a high speed blending that traditional juicing uses and it is easy to see how heat and friction destroys many of the be beneficial aspects of the juice you get out of it. Preserves all those healthy, natural enzymes and vitamins with slow juicing!

#3. Superior Healing
One of the main reasons for drinking freshly prepared juices that have been extracted with cold slow juicing in the first place is that the higher levels of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins are helpful in fighting many issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure among other minor issues such as cold, flu, and stomach bugs as well as clearing up issue such as acne, dry and brittle hair, or premature hair loss.

#4. Less Is More
Slow juicers are also much better in terms of sustainability and their impact of nature as they require less fruit and vegetables for preparing juices. You do not go through as much produce so you save money and you also reduce waste by getting even more juice out of every piece. This means more juice to help you maintain a healthier and happier body from your toes to the hair on your head!

#5. Greater Fiber Retention
Fiber is very good for the body and most possible do not get enough of it in their normal diets. The slow juicing method allows you to get more fiber in the juice prepared because the fiber molecules are not destroyed during the juicing process as they are with a traditional juice blender. This makes the juice more wholesome and healthy!

#6. Zero Froth
Slow juicing is a lot better than normal juicing methods because you get a clear liquid juice and less frothy foam! With cold slow juicing there are no fast blenders to froth air into your juice. It also reduce the pulp and thickness of the finished juice which is good when you are looking for juice to drink and not a shake or a blended drink. You can also use juice made from slow juicing as a natural ruise to help keep your skin and hair strong and healthy.

#7. Longer Lasting
A slow juiced glass of delicious fresh juice can be stored up to 72 hours in the fridge before it is consumed. It will not go bad. It will still have all the full vitamins and nutrients it had when you first squeezed it. This is not how it is with juice made with a traditional juicer – the high speed method breaks down the cellular structure of the juice and if it is not drunk immediately the juice will go bad in less than an hour due to rapid oxidation and spoiling.

So what are you waiting for? Start slow juicing today and discover all the great benefits for yourself, especially for your hair! This is the slow juicer I am recommending.

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