Why You Should Avoid the Use of Hair Extensions

Why You Should Avoid the Use of Hair Extensions

As a modern, informed woman, you’ve seen the advertisements for many artificial ways to attain long, beautiful hair in an instant. You’ve perused the ads, seeing at first a photo of a sad woman, her hair thin, struggling to grow. In the next frame, she is smiling and sporting amazingly long hair, all of her sadness washed away because she purchased hair extensions. Don’t allow these advertisements to entice you to enter the world of hair extensions. For many reasons, they are a poor choice and can lead to hair damage, bad hair, poor growth and even the prospect of retaining the negative energy of the person whose hair you attached to your very own scalp.

Many people who are drawn to these extensions do not realize the shady market in which they are harvested and obtained. The industry preys upon young women with long, beautiful hair and pays them a small pittance to harvest and collect their locks. They are often victims of poverty and see the selling of their hair as a way to earn extra money for their struggling families. While you see the end result as a package of beautiful hair with a photo of a gorgeous model sporting the long locks, you often miss the real source of the hair and the way it hurts those who provide the raw material.

Another reason that many avoid the purchase and wearing of these extensions is the connection many feel to the negative energy they can impart on you as the new owner. For those who hold these beliefs, they see their hair as a part of themselves and as all cells hold energy, both positive and negative, cutting off their hair for many brings a sense of relief and a lightening of the burden they carry. For those who then sell that hair, many recipients have noted a difference in themselves and in many cases, an increase of negativity all around them and their lives. Many believe that our hair can retain a manifestation of our own negative experiences, feelings and energy that we portray and what emanates from within our bodies. If someone has cut off their long locks in order to free themselves of this burden, purchasing this hair and using it can transfer all that negativity to you.

While many people purchase these extension products with the belief that it will make their hair more luxurious and attractive, one only has to look at the damage their use can cause to discover that is not the case. Many customers of these products have found that even short term use has led to severe damage of their own hair. Reports of breakage, thinning and even permanent hair loss in the areas where these extensions have been attached are all too common. As demand for these products increases, more and more women are finding themselves with long-term damage to their hair and scalp and regret their purchase for months and even years to come. When you examine the ways that these products are attached, weaved into and clipped into the hair near the scalp, it’s no surprise that such damage occurs. Combs with sharp, piercing teeth and weaving procedures that pull tightly to adhere the strands to the scalp are just a few of the ways these damaging extensions are put into place. After months or even years of having these procedures done, the damage revealed can be devastating. Many users experience soreness, rashes and headaches from having extensions taut against their scalp.

There are many cases where wigs, which many use as examples of how extensions came into popularity, have been used over the centuries to enhance someone’s temporary appearance. This ancient use of hair prostheses was present in ancient Rome, where members of the Senate would sport wigs while in session. Judges often wore elaborate powdered wigs while sitting on the bench and performers from all over the world have long worn wigs to emulate their characters and enhance their performance. However, these were all temporary measures and they would quickly return to their natural hair once these duties and performances came to an end. With the advent of mass production and the advance of the fashion industry, manufacturers of extensions would want you to believe that you need these products in your everyday life. However, for those even considering the purchase of extensions, consider talking to a health professional for advice on growing your hair naturally and which products you can use to increase scalp health and hair vitality. There is no need to damage your scalp and future hair health by purchasing these often damaging enhancements. There’s nothing better than growing your own hair naturally and enjoying the healthy growth of your own strands. Follow my blog to find out how to grow your hair faster, longer and healthier.

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