Wispy Braid and Low Bun Hairstyle

Wispy Braid and Low Bun Hairstyle

For an elegant and sophisticated look, try a wispy braid and low bun hairstyle. Providing a delicate touch to any formal event is exactly what this hairstyle was made for. Following these steps, you can create your own natural hairstyle.

  1. Begin by creating a braid at the front of your hair down one side. Having your hair parted down the middle will help you braid your hair.
  2. Start braiding a long strand of hair at the front of your hair. Make sure the braid is tight as you continue to braid your hair.
  3. Braid the strand of hair all the way to the end of your hair.
  4. Ensuring that the braid at the scalp stays tight, use a bobby pin to loosen the braid throughout your hair.
  5. Next, pull your hair back into a pony tail.
  6. Now, draw your hair into a low bun.
  7. Using bobby pins create wisps in your bun. Secure your hair with bobby pins.
  8. Tuck the strands of hair into the bun using bobby pins.
  9. After that, pull the braid of hair over the low bun.
  10. Using bobby pins, secure the braid over the low bun.
  11. Add hair clips of your choice to the bun to decorate your hair.
  12. You now have a finished hairstyle.

Wispy Braid and Low Bun Hairstyle

Wear this hairstyle to formal events such as dinners, receptions, or weddings. A delicate vibe is given from the hairstyle and brings just a touch of class to any gathering.

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